What is Capaball?

Capaball is an e-learning platform that capacitates professionals for the digital transformation. The user learns about the different digital tools, of the new methodologies and with the best contents, which have been selected from various prestigious sources. You will learn and be up to date with learning contests of Innovation and Digital Transformation, Digital Marketing, Customer Experience, Big Data, Entrepreneurship, Artificial Intelligence, Personal Development and much more. You can see different contents in different formats and on multiple channels.

The user will see quality content from the beginning and as the user navigates and consumes content, the Artificial Intelligence will recommend more related and personalized content according to user´s behavior , improving and enriching the user experience.

In short, Capaball is much more than a course. It is a learning tool that offers curated and quality content of different subjects, but also have its own contents. As soon as the user interacts with the platform, fully customized content is shown thanks to the AI, providing the user the best sources and all centralized in the same platform.

With Capaball you will learn and be up to date on different topics that is often updated. With our lifelong learning philosophy, the contents are updated every day, differently from other traditional learning tools. The platforml also offers the metrics of each user to track their learning. Capaball is a different learning experience that will provide you gamification, Social Learning and online mentors.

Is it a formal training?

No, in fact we disrupt the traditional learning tools known to date. It is a learning that the user starts but never ends. We update the contents daily. Lifelong learning is our motto, our goal is that the user is always up to date.

How Capaball differentiates from other e-learning platforms?

It is the first e-learning platform that allows the user to learn and keep up to date, so that he/she can adapt to the changes caused by the Digital Transformation. In Capaball there are no expiration dates, the learning starts but never ends as the contests are updated every day. We offer unlimited, continuous and personalized learning thanks to our Artificial Intelligence.

The user learns with our own and third-party contents in different formats like video, audio, text and from the best sources. You will discover new content, interviews, new experts, relevant news and other materials fully adapted to your experience. As you interact with the platform you can see how the recommended contents are more related to you thanks to our Artificial Intelligence.

The user will also have his/her metrics so that he/she can see the learning progress. In short, the user can keep up to date and learn from digital tools, new methodologies and fully customized third-party contents & Capaball´s own contents, which does not appear in any books, and all of it in the same learning platform.

How does Capaball´s Artificial Intelligence work?

The artificial Intelligence learns from user´s behavior and as he/she consumes different contents and, most importantly, from user´s feedback of the content. The user can review every content with emojis that appear below each content. This step is essential to put AI into operation in order to offer the user the most related content to his/her profile.

How much time do I have to devote to learning? And when does it finish?

We recommend a minimum of 5 minutes a day for learning to establish a routine, but you decide how much time you want to spend on it. There is no finishing date, there are no deadlines, no deliveries or exams. The pace is set by you.

In Capaball there are no deadlines to finalize the contents as these are continually being updated as well as the capabilities are reviewed. We believe in the continuous learning, in the lifelong learning because the world is moving faster and faster, and the knowledge of a traditional course has an expiration date. The training with us is infinite and you learn every day.

Is Capaball recognized by companies or entities?

Yes, in fact companies such as Porsche, Room Mate, 3M, Dior, Internet República, among others already trust on us. We have been recognized as one of the best Edtech companies in the world at the enlightED Awards of the South Summit of 2018.